Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cloud Monet?

Take a look at this picture, I say. Now before you start ranting about the NEA and the state of the art world today ("A child could have done that!" you yelp), let me explain. This is yet another new form of art: GPS art. And this particular work, as abstract as it may seem, couldn't possibly have been done by a child—at least not legally. What you are looking at are the flight paths of a flock of wingsuiters. They jumped together, each with a GPS on the wrist, with the aim of creating something like the above. Such aims, I realize, do not entirely nullify your criticism. Though it is the nature of GPS wingsuit art to accentuate fluidity, to toy with cyclone-like chaos, and to have fewer right angles than, say, GPS walking art, I am of the opinion that they can do better. Wingsuit flyers these days can stop, if not on a dime, than at least on a blanket full of Sacagawea dollars, letting them make acute angles in the air as the spirit hits them. And as they jump in greater and greater numbers, surely they can begin to draw things less amorphous and more Sistine Chapel-like. Might look nice from below.


Candy Minx said...

Wow, very zen art. How many birds? Ten? Two?

Ten om duo, c?

Polly Shulman said...

You left out a green squiggle--my parakeet was there too.

windblownbutterfly said...

That looks like something our government would allot a couple billion dollars for and spend the next 10 years studying.

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